French Beds For Everyone?

french beds

Are French Beds For Everyone?

Whether you’re remodeling or decorating your brand new home, your bedroom will probably be one of the most important rooms you will be working on.  There are so many options available on how to design it that it can become quite confusing.  Of course, the biggest decision you will be making is what type of bed to use.  Whatever design style you will be making, there is sure to be a French style bed that will be a perfect fit.

Why choose French beds?

The French are known for their stylish and comfortable designs.  Using these in your bedroom will be a great way to combine beauty and functionality without having to compromise comfort.  You want your bedroom to be the most relaxing and calming room in your house because it’s where you retreat to at the end of your busy day.  These beds will be able to give that warm and inviting ambiance you need.

What are the different French style beds?

French beds influence most of the choices available in the market.  However, here are some classic choices that can work with a variety of interior design styles.

Sleigh Beds

Originally called “French beds”, this style will work for homes that have Country, Rustic or Shabby Chic themes.  With the right color or treatment finish, it will definitely fit right in.  The frame is spacious but does not appear oversized.  It will be an elegant focal point for the bedroom.  It has enchanting high scrolls on the headboard and footboard that are reminiscent of old fashion sleighs.

Daybeds in this style are available for rooms with less space.

Brass Beds – The French brass beds will work well in Modern, Art Noveau and Industrial designs.  The finish will complement the decor and other furniture in the bedroom.  You can choose simple designs or more intricate ones depending on the effect you want to create.

Rattan Beds – For that romantic ambiance you want to create, a French Style Rattan bed would be the perfect centerpiece.  With a combination of rattan and other wood selection, this style will be a great way to compliment Country, Rustic and Traditional styled homes.  You can choose whether you want just a headboard or a foot-board as well on this idyllic bed.  This design fuses the intricately woven rattan pattern with other whimsical carvings on the bed frame to make an interesting style that you would definitely find delightful.

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